Top 10 Christmas Favorites

1. My favorite Christmas song is Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano. Click here to listen

2. My favorie Christmas cookie is the Peppermint choclate cookie that crumbl has. I love Crumbl cookies!

3. My favorite Christmas Movie is Elf. My favorite quote from Elf is “Bye Buddy, Hope Yu Find Your Dad!” by Mr. Narwal. Click here to watch it 

4. My favorie Christmas/Holiday activity is skiing. Me and my friends and cousins go up a lot in the winter an the snow is usely the best around Christmas time.

5. I really want some more clothes and I’m pretty sure I’ll get them, I really want to get some sweats for Christmas. I also really want some shoes. Click here to see the shoes

6. My favorite service project to do for people is probably shoveling driveways. My dad and I shovel our neighbors riveways everytime it snows. It is actually pretty fun because we usely get some thing to eat afterwards.

7. This is my favorite Christmas meme

8. hOnestly the best holiday gift to give is gift cards to like Swig or Scheels.

9. An interesting fact about Chrismas is that Egyptians and Romans were the first to use Christmas trees.

10. My favorite holiday memory was when we all went tubing at gorgoza and we had so much fun! All of my cousins and extended family went and we had a blast!

Friday Funnies

Watch this video if you are having a bad day, it will make your day better. This video is so good.

click here

This video is a straight legend!

click here

This video is so funny! You must watch till the end it is the best.

If you were to watch any of my videos watch this one. This one is so funny 🙂

Click Here

Football Players watch this one. This kid got rocked 🙂 also watch the one above.


Bru how does a punter make this good of a throw! The catch is also insane.

I will always love this video hahahahha

My Dream Bedroom

It would be sweet to design my own bedroom. I would have a super tramp, a massive bed, a batting cage, a McDonald’s, a Buffalo Wild Wings, and a Swig.


1 If i had all the money to spend I world I would definitely put a batting cage in my room. It would be sick to have one in your room and you could just hit whenever you want! This is the first thing I would want in my room.

2 I would need a Massive Bed. I would need a massive bed to sleep in and to jump around on, cause if its big I could just make it a trampoline. Here is a link to get a sick bed


3 Lastly I would need a food place i my room. If I had a Mcdonald’s or a Buffalo Wild Wings in my room I could have unlimited food that is really good. Also if I had food places in my room all my friends could come over and we could have Parties.

My Favorite Fictional Character

My favorite Fictional is Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like Greg because he is funny and has a good sense of humor, he would also make a good friend. In the books he is always cracking jokes and playing with his best friend Rowley. Rowley is also a legend, he is always in on the jokes Greg Makes and is always laughing. This is why Greg Heffley is my favorite fictional character.

Personality QUIZ

What Ice Cream Flavor Am I?

I am Vanilla Ice Cream. I am Vanilla Ice Cream because my “style never gets old”.





What Cute Baby Animal Am I?

I am a Cheetah. I am a cheetah because it says that I am super fast.





What dinosaur am I?

I am a Velociraptor. According to the quiz I am a natural group leader.





My favorite color is blue. I have liked the color blue ever since I was born because of BYU. My family loves BYU blue and that is the only color I would wear when I was little.


I love My name. My name is Tanner and it means “one who tans hides”. I honestly don’t know how I got my name, my parents were deciding between Dawson and Tanner and chose Tanner. This is my short paragraph about my name.

















Free Write about Football

Football is so much fun. Football is agressive and is a really cool sport. I play for Corner Canyon and my team is undefeated so far. I use Adidas Adizero’s for my cleats and have NIKE Vapor gloves. My favorite college football team is BYU, My favorite NFL team is either the Saints or the Jets. I also like the LA Chargers. I want to Play for BYU or the Saints when I’m older. It would be really cool to play on an NFL field. If I could choose any helmet I would either choose the Riddell Speedflex or the Schutt f7. This is my free write about football.

Gift Guide for 13 year old boy

      • 1. Cell Phone

      2. XBOX
3. Baseball Bat 








These are 10 things that a 13 year old boy should have. A phone so he can communicate with his friends. A XBOX to play video games. A baseball Bat to play baseball. A football to play with. A mountain bike to go Mtn biking. A bean Bag to chill in. A TV to watch his favorite shows on. Airpods to listen to Music. A computer to do homework. A super tamp to do sick tricks on. These are 10 gifts to get for a 13 year old boy.





6.Bean Bag
5.Mountain Bike
10.Super Tramp
9. Computer